What if…

Digital has changed the rules of business.

Today, prospects learn about your products, services and solutions online. On their terms and on their timeline; not yours. They don’t want to talk to sales people until they are ready.

If you are in marketing you’re familiar with Sirius Decisions 2013 assessment that 67% of B2B buyers evaluate B2B products and services online before engaging with sales.   Though much debated and well qualified, what is clear is that buyers are in control.  Prospects will engage with your sales team when they decide.

What if… we’ve not considered deeply enough the impact of digital on the roles of sales and marketing?

What if… we have been too focused on the technology and legacy KPIs, and not on the role changes necessary to connect sales people with well-informed and qualified prospects?

What if… early stage sales conversations – once active, 1:1 human interactions – are now digital?

What if… all these are true? What does it mean to the roles and relationship between marketing and sales, and the strategies of digital conversations?

What if… content is your new salesperson?