What if…

Digital has changed the rules of business.

Today, prospects learn about your products, services and solutions online. On their terms and on their timeline; not yours. They don’t want to talk to sales people until they are ready.

If you are in marketing you’re familiar with Sirius Decisions 2013 assessment that 67% of B2B buyers evaluate B2B products and services online before engaging with sales.   Though much debated and well qualified, what is clear is that buyers are in control.  Prospects will engage with your sales team when they decide.

What if… we’ve not considered deeply enough the impact of digital on the roles of sales and marketing?

What if… we have been too focused on the technology and legacy KPIs, and not on the role changes necessary to connect sales people with well-informed and qualified prospects?

What if… early stage sales conversations – once active, 1:1 human interactions – are now digital?

What if… all these are true? What does it mean to the roles and relationship between marketing and sales, and the strategies of digital conversations?

What if… content is your new salesperson?

Once Upon A Time…

Not long ago “brick and mortar” was a construction technique, not a business phrase.

Business – from shoe sales to automobiles – was conducted in person.  Buyers and sellers had face-to-face conversations, in the same room discussing terms and transactions, live and in person. There was nothing virtual about shops, stores, malls and offices.

For centuries, businesses functioned around this fundamental truth. The Industrial Age brought new processes and standards for efficiency and refined organization structures and distribution channels to sell products. Sales and marketing had well defined roles.

Then came digital, and it has disrupted more than we’ve recognized.

Business is being disrupted by digital transformation



Who is Ed Youngblood?

Among other things, I’m a B2B technology marketing and communications veteran. I am fluent in digital and numerous other marketing dialects including technologist, engineer, creative, demand creation, sales and metrics.

While business leaders appreciate my skill-sets, they often care more about the digital disruption of business, sales and complex digital transformation initiatives. These are challenges I’m intimate with, particularly:

  • Digital disruption and the technologies of influence. More importantly, how to convert these into marketing advantage, pipeline and sales.
  • The intersection of technology and people – your digital audience – and how to sustainably reach, persuade and engage them.
  • How to optimize digital marketing operations and customer experiences to grow brand and revenue.

This is what I do today; these are the dots I connect.  Let’s connect if you share a similar passion – or concern – for the impact digital is having on your business.


Ed Youngblood professional timeline
PDF is available below

B2B Marketing is only part of my story. I’m also an entrepreneur, writer, artist, creative director, husband and father.

My career began in the commercial studios of Hollywood where for over a decade I designed and directed broadcast IDs, visual effects, commercials and the occasional movie trailer. I joined forces with another creative talent to form Youngblood, Padraic & Associates, a design firm with strong roots in television commercials and technology marketing. Soon we attracted the attention of emerging companies like Symantec and Linksys.

I was with a networking technology startup named Xylan in the late 1990s when French telecommunications giant Alcatel acquired us.  Alcatel later merged with Lucent in 2006 to form Alcatel-Lucent. I spent almost 19 years at Alcatel / Alcatel-Lucent, primarily in director-level marketing roles guiding content strategy, communications, multimedia, web strategy and digital marketing.

I bring a deep understanding of the B2B technology market, channels and buyers to my clientele.

To contact me, here are some options:

Email: ed@edyoungblood.net

Phone: 818 292 2808

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/edyoungblood

Twitter: @yngbld5

My professional timeline resume is available here in PDF.


Contact me to explore the impact we could make together to your programs and results.