I Never Planned to Be a PowerPoint Savant
I’m quite judgmental of marketing content.  Well, all content, to be honest, I’m judgmental of all content. I want content to communicate and serve a purpose, and I judge all content I encounter with a critical eye.  I’ve …
B2B Personalization — Does It Mean What You Think It Means?
Personalization is the holy grail of marketing and sales today, driving ever greater investment in marketing technology (MarTech) platforms, data and digital commerce. How important is it to marketing leaders? 92% of B2B marketers say it is a …
To Gate, Or Not To Gate? A Question As Old As Digital Delivery
Why gate content? Leads. Gating content is about generating leads say 62% of B2B organizations as recently reported by Marketing Charts. And, though the answer to “why” surprises no one, the summary of the research they published highlights …
New Marketing Landscape, Same Old Marketing Conversation?
The emergence of digital has altered everything, and marketing’s role today is not the marcom of yesterday. It’s a new game, with new rules, and an overwhelming number of new media, channels, and tools.
Tools of Ignorance or Masters Degree in Strategy?
Many baseball fans are familiar with the expression “tools of ignorance.” It is credited, with some uncertainty, to both Muddy Ruel and Bill Dickey. If the phrase is new to you, here is one definition found in the …
Every Shade of Grey – The New Reality For CIOs
The CIO role was once clear, well defined, and unambiguous. What was once black and white, is now every shade of grey.
Open letter from a CMO to a CIO
Dear IT, You and I both know the history of our relationship has not been particularly close over the years. A decade ago we shared few interests, but things have changed. Where once we had little in common, …
Why? The delta between innovation objectives and abilities.
Why is there such a massive gap between the importance of innovation and perceived abilities? Innovation means change, and change is hard.
Living In The Shadows of IT
Why are we slaves to crappy tools and processes that no one can work with? And why does the business tolerate it?
Life Before Mobility: UC Is Changing The Way We Do Business
Now ask yourself, can you remember life before mobility?
UPMC – Technology Enabled Business Transformation
UPMC takes an aggressive approach to implementing and developing technologies that make healthcare more effective and efficient.
Why I don’t repurpose content
Raise your hand if you are in marketing and have embraced the need to deliver content across multiple media and channels.  It is a virtual certainty you have.  It supports SEM strategies, increases impressions and communicates multiple perspectives.  …
Why businesses MUST enable multi-channel customer interactions
Customers don’t care about your business, your processes, or if all your agents are busy. They only care about themselves.
Business 4 Business – A New Model
Improved business outcomes. Isn’t that why any business invests in technology?
10 Predictions for B2B Marketing in 2014
Lets be honest, there is nothing new about predicting the year ahead.  By now you’ve no doubt encountered many projections for how our industry will evolve between now and December.In the spirit of full disclosure, the goal of …
Once upon a time from the southwestern United States
Once upon a time, I made a less than lavish income as a painter.  I pursued my love of southwestern art and a long-standing goal of painting. This page is a doorway to my WordPress southwestern art gallery …
An important lesson learned and leveraged
All of us recall events, activities and mentors that impacted our personal and professional lives.  These are the experiences that shape our behavior, skills and personality, ultimately making us who we are. One of the most memorable lessons …
Are CIOs and CMOs interchangeable?
“CIOs and CMOs should know enough about each other’s field of expertise to be interchangeable” according to Jim Davis, SAS’s global marketing chief in a recent article. I had to read that statement more than once. After …
An open letter to marketing
Marketing, you have become distracted; you’ve lost your focus. Somewhere along the way you lost site of your roots and abandoned your heritage.  You have forgotten that content is king, communication is personal and your audience has issues …
Marketing needs a better understanding of technology tools
Jim Davis is the global marketing chief of technology vendor SAS.  Davis is also a former CIO.  In a recent interview he makes a strong case for data-driven marketing and why marketing needs to “think more like …