Engaging and educating technology buyers

B2B solution providers are constantly looking for new ways to increase their market awareness,  engage prospects and to be perceived as not only credible, but valued suppliers to customers.

To achieve this, vendors should look to ‘educate’ buyers and establish a rapport with the target audience to develop thought leader credibility.  Focus on content  targeting multiple channels which align with both the buying cycle and audience personas.   Achieving this will communicate to the audience that you understand their needs.  Align this with the core messages analysts are sending as they have the ability to influence what customers are looking for, and trade media within your market – their unique positions provide a barometer for what your customers  perceive to be important.

A track record and sustainable vision of the future is important to buyers.  Repetition across multiple digital channels helps buyers discover the voice of the vendor in forums they may be leveraging. Properly managed it will lead a buyer to find and engage with a vendor.

What do you feel is important to achieve this goal?