Swimming With The Digital Sharks

Program Objective

Create the foundation for a sustainable message/content program that speaks to CxOs about the urgency and consideration for strategic digital transformations – risks, rewards, successful implementations, benchmarks – and the intersections of future technology roadmaps.

Swimming With The Digital Sharks is more than an eBook. It is a framework designed to stimulate engagement around topical business trends that highlight partner expertise, customer stories and solution considerations.  Open PDF

Specific goals & metrics

Positioning ALE as an insightful, customer centric expert, this is an awareness and education program targeting executive and network manager prospects. The goal was to improve the effectiveness and volume of ALE’S marketing and sales conversations. The following metrics were identified:

  • Efficiency of marketing operations in producing content & programs (quantitative)
  • Consistency of messages and how effectively they intersect prioritized sales conversation topics (qualitative + quantitative)
  • Engagement & opportunity metrics (multiple sources)
What is the single compelling idea to communicate?

The urgency of digital transformation touches every business, adding new complexities, risks and opportunities.  When considering your own transformation roadmap and the unique situation of your business, it becomes yet more complex. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s subject matter experts and partners are advisors and consultants helping you ask the right questions, to find the right, scalable solutions.

Download Swimming With The Digital Sharks

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