ALE Brand Message & Positioning

Program objective

Define a unified and formal brand message for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise that leverages & positions its 3 business units (communications, networks & cloud) in a way that is relevant to the future of the business and the markets served.  Open PDF.

Goals & metrics

Develop a formal market message which integrates and refines the positioning of the Communications and Network Business Units and the recently formed Cloud BU, which can be consistently and effectively used for analyst, partner and customer engagement.

ALE is in the business of connecting IT systems and connecting people Communicate the global scope and local focus ALE is known for, and the expertise to deliver technologies that PEOPLE need.

Response metrics from the analyst, channels and customer communities will be qualitative.

  • Understanding and adoption by sales and marketing
  • Consistency of message across channels
  • Engagement metrics (multiple sources).
Single compelling idea to communicate

ALE is uniquely positioned to help businesses strategically and tactically adapt to digital transformation, customizing solutions that meet your needs in new ways.

Tone? How should audience feel?

Human, that of “an informed expert without an agenda”.

Open the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Brand Profile.

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